Volunteer application for TEDxPeckham
Like all TEDx events, TEDxPeckham will not be a success without amazing volunteers who are willing to give their time.

Volunteering opportunities range from being part of the core team and dedicating time every week, to being a volunteer on the day of the event.

TEDxPeckham 2017 was such a huge success, that we are now back again for TEDxPeckham 2018. It will take place on July 29th at Theatre Peckham and will be a day long event with 12-15 live speakers and an audience of 200.

Please complete the form below to indicate the type of volunteering role you are interested in and to tell us a bit about yourself. If we have a role which matches your skill set and interest then we will get in touch, but please note we are unable to respond individually to all applications. You may also be a perfect volunteer, but we don't have a need or current vacancy in the area which you are volunteering. Please don't be disheartened if we don't come back to you and we are super grateful for your interest in helping out.

If we would like to talk to you further we will request a copy of your CV.

NB If you are interested in volunteering for TEDxPeckham you will need to be available for the whole time of the event and attend a mandatory pre-event briefing. Additionally to this, you also need to attend 1 training session about a two weeks before the event.

Thanks for applying!

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