Demonoid Moderator - Application
We are opening the recruitment phase for a torrent moderator position on Demonoid, so if you want to become a member of Demonoid staff, now is your chance to do so. Please take your time and fill the application with as much as possible details, short written applications will be declined. We need competent people who are not short оn words and actions.

You should be aware that what we generally require from you as a member of Demonoid staff is to:
1. Have account for at least 1 year.
2. Have average/good knowledge of writing and speaking proper English (Knowing other languages is a bonus, but you will strictly use English).
3. Have basic experience and knowledge of the forums and its engines (phpbb, smf, vbulletin, xenforo, etc).
4. Have general experience and knowledge as a moderator or any other position related to maintaining the Demonoid site.
5. Be mature, cold headed, responsible, and able to work as an individual or in a group.
6. Ensure that site rules and regulations are correctly and unbiasedly applied at all times.

IMPORTANT: Before applying be sure that you aren't doing it only to wave your banhammer around at random people or someone you have a grudge against. Moderators are expected to maintain the site, find and delete infected, fake, and torrents which are against the rules regularly, contributing and keeping the general order of the site.

If you have any question, please contact via PM
Only Deimos (Owner) and phaze1G (Staff supervisor) will be able to look into your application.
Denied application will not receive an response from us. Please make sure you are entering a valid email on which we can reach you.

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