Top Hat TA Account Request Form
Please use this form to request a TA account for your teaching assistants. After submitting the required details, a member of our team will send you an e-mail with pre-configured accounts that you can distribute to your teaching assistants. Please advise your TAs to update the placeholder details and update their password immediately after logging in.

Please add their account to your course as an instructor by following these directions:

To log into these accounts, please instruct your teaching assistant to follow these directions:

Please advise all TAs to change their password immediately after logging in, and to update their user information with the correct first and last name.
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Please provide: (i) the name of the TA (ii) their e-mail (iii) the name of the course they will assist (iv) the course code. Example format = Jane Doe - - Intro to Fishing - FISH101 *
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