First Year Aggie Connections Group Activity Report
The Activity Report serves as a record of the events that you plan for your Connection. We want to hear how things went and who attended. These reports contribute to the overall success of the program. Please submit this report after each activity. You must submit reports for each activity you implement in order to receive your stipend.
First Activity Report due by 10/13, Second Report due by 10/30, Third Report due by 11/13, all others due before quarter ends on 12/15.
Connection Name
Peer Mentor Name
Group Activity Number
Hours worked as FYAC Peer Mentor
(since last activity report)
How did you spend your time?
(Describe what tasks you performed since your last activity report).
Please provide a brief description of the activity that you planned: (include date and location).
Did you plan your activity...
Did the facilitator attend the activity?
How did the event turn out?
It did not go well :(
It went really well :)
How was the group dynamic? How did your mentees perceive the event?
Would you do anything differently in the future? Do you have any concerns?
I would like to meet with my Point of Contact or a FYAC staff member to discuss these concerns.
Number of students attended
Please list all students who attended the activity
Please delineate student names via a comma (ex. Gunrock the Mustang, Aggie Connections, UC Davis).
Please upload a photo of your activity.
Selfies Welcome (even if no students attend!) Get creative; these photos will be entered into the FYAC Photo Contest!
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