Learn Public Forum Academy Registration Form
Camp costs $275

There are two payment methods:

1. Paypal - Make the payment payable to sun_sara@yahoo.com. When paying, make sure to select the transaction as the friends and family option. Otherwise, we will incur a 6% fee.

2. Zelle - Make the payment payable to sun_sara@yahoo.com

After payment is received, a text will follow confirming it.
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Parent/Guardian Name *
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Student Grade in Fall 2020 *
Student School in Fall 2020 *
Which session will the student attend? First session is now closed. *
What is the student’s skill level in Public Forum Debate? If the student has no previous experience, enter “beginner”. If not a beginner, please elaborate on the students previous experience with debate (what debate skills the student knows, past debate tournaments/camps attended, etc.) *
How did you hear about our camp? *
I understand payment must be received by June 7 (session 1) or June 14 (session 2) in order to secure my student's spot into the camp, else pay a late fee. *
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