South Region Proficiency Registration 2020
Please complete this form for EACH proficiency application that you submit to the South Region office for the current school year. Please complete each box below and submit by Friday, January 31, 2020. Actual applications are due in the South Region Office by February 3rd by 5PM (yes you may turn them in at the Sub Area 5 Speaking LDEs). No late applications will be accepted. This is a due by, not a post mark deadline.

We will use this google document to check off your standard for turning in a proficiency application.

If you send your application in electronically. It must be one email and in a pdf format. Be sure and check the electronic submission document on how to submit applications.

You must complete one of these forms for each application / student you intend to submit. Please contact the South Region Office if you have questions or concerns.

You must click SUBMIT below for your entry to be recorded.
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Adding more students
If you need to add more students, please click "Submit" below. After you get a confirmation screen, click "Go back to Form" to add more students. Please call South Region Office with questions: 229-894-0507
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