Judith Snow 2022 Award Teacher Recommendation
The Judith L. Snow Ethical Leadership Award fosters awareness and respect for ethical behavior in a leadership role among District 64 8th grade students. The award is presented annually to one or more eighth grade students demonstrating ethical leadership. Ethical leadership is defined as knowing your core values and having the courage to live by them in all parts of your life in service to the common good. It aligns your internal beliefs and values with your external behaviors and values for the purposes of advancing the common good.

You have been asked to answer some questions about a student applying for the Judith L. Snow Ethical Leadership Award.  Please provide your input and submit.  Please inform student when you have submitted the recommendation form.

In order for the student to be considered for this award, this recommendation must be completed by Friday,
May 20th.  
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This student fosters awareness for ethical behavior in a leadership role among District 64 8th graders.
This student displays respect for others.
This student offers help to his/her fellow classmates.
This student goes out of her/his way to be dependable in the classroom.
This student works well with others, teamwork is of high priority.
This student participates in school activities and clubs.
This student would be recognized as a leader by her/his peers.
Recall a time when the student clearly stood out to you as an ethical/dependable leader. *
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