Spirit League Baseball Season Sign Ups!
Hello friends! This is a sign up sheet for spirit league's baseball season during spring quarter! This is the OFFICIAL sign up sheet! By signing this you are saying that you will commit to all 10 weeks and help our little athletes out every weekend!

In case you do not know, Spirit League is a non-profit organization that allows kids with disabilities to play sports. As a mentor you will be responsible for helping and supporting these kids to help them play Basketball. This is a commitment you make for 10 weeks. You are able to miss a maximum of 2 weekends, but if you can make it to all the games please do so. This is a great experience for all you pre-health students or students that just want a new experience.

Age Ranges for Each Division:
DIVISION 1: Ages 13-22 (tend to be on Saturdays 12:30-2PM)
DIVISION 2: Ages 9-12 (tend to be on Saturdays 10:45-12:15PM
DIVISION 3: Ages 6-9 (tend to be on Saturdays 9-10:30 AM)

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Phone Number
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Which division are you willing to work with? (This does not guarantee you that division)
Have you volunteered at spirit league before??
If you do not get your first pick for divisions would you still want to volunteer for Spirit League
Can you commit for 10 weeks?
Can you drive you and others to spirit league?
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