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AS Foundation Application Form. Trustees welcome your application but please note they can only receive one application from you in a six month period. If you need a copy of the application form in an alternative format for accessibility reasons, please contact
I confirm the information I am providing is accurate and truthful. I understand applications will be thoroughly checked and action will be taken if anything is found to be inaccurate or untruthful. In this case I understand the application will be rejected and waive the right to appeal. I also understand the AS Foundation may refer matters to the relevant authorities if any fraud is suspected. *
I have completely read the guidance provided by the AS Foundation website and am now ready to make a full application. *
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Have you secured BBB grades or above for your A-levels (or equivalent e.g. BTEC, relevant qualifications from outside of the UK)? *
If you are waiting on A-level results, click 'yes' if you believe you are on track to receive BBB or above.
If you ticked 'No' to above, do you have any mitigating circumstances? If so, please write them here.
Please list the schools and/or colleges that you attended aged 11-18.
Are you currently studying or have had a place confirmed to study at an undergraduate or postgraduate institution? *
(E.g. University. Please note this DOES include verified legal apprenticeships.)
Academic status. Please select your university from this list *
Have you secured, or are on track to secure a minimum average of an upper 2:2 or 55%? *
If you ticked 'No' to above, do you have any mitigating circumstances? If so, please write them here.
Please note several of the following boxes may not be relevant to you, please tick at least one before moving to the next section. *
Please tick which of the following boxes apply to you. You may tick more than one. *
If you ticked any of the employment options above, please provide a brief description (min. 30, max. 300 words) of the job(s) and a brief summary of your duties, responsibilities and skills developed. *
Please identify what you are requesting the AS Foundation to fund (there is a limit of one item per application and Trustees will not approve multiple requests) *
Please note Trustees require applicants to have a minimum 2.1 degree to qualify for a part-funded scholarship that are exclusively provided by BPP University and will grant a maximum of £5,000 towards the scholarship.
Please provide further details of your grant request (e.g. travel details; scholarship start dates). *
If you are applying for a specific laptop or resource due to disability requirements, please identify this here. Please note we will not provide laptop models based simply on personal preference. Scholarship start dates must be within 12 months of your application.
Please tell us why you should be considered for a grant from the AS Foundation (min. 30, max. 300 words). *
Please tell us about your commitment to a career in law including relevant work experience (min. 30, max. 300 words). *
e.g. Open days; career modules; extra-curriculars; university societies and competitions etc., or any attempts you have made to access such events
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