Are you a woman who played/plays a primary role managing health care for a child/teen living with Type 1?
The creator of Hanky Pancreas, Jessica Floeh, is applying for a grant to work on health equity and needs YOUR HELP to create a video as part of her submission. She is collecting video submissions from amazing people like you by February 18, 2018. In exchange, she is offering to make you or someone you love a FREE insulin pump accessory!
Create a video (using your computer or phone camera) responding to the following 4 questions:
1) How do you identify? (Ex: I’m a nurse & mom of a 4 year old daughter with Type 1)
2) How did / does managing T1D impact your work, stress, emotions, and sleep?
3) Can you describe the level of help or support you receive(d) in the management your child's T1D, if any?
4) What helped / helps you feel better while helping to manage your child's T1D?
5) What is missing that you think would help you? (can be something that does or doesn't yet exist)

TIPS: Please be sure to look directly in the camera, and make sure we can see you (well-lit) and hear you (no background noise)!

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