2019 State of Children's Ministry Survey
We want to hear back from our readers and better understand what's happening in churches as we move into the new year. We are so grateful for your thoughts and can't wait to see what God is doing in your ministry.

After you complete the survey other results will be visible.

Final results will be shared on our website and Facebook page. So be sure to subscribe (if you haven't already)

Which of the following describes your role in telling kids about Jesus. (more than one is okay) *
Is your church / ministry connected with any particular denomination? *
Where is your ministry located? *
Tell us about your church size - what's a normal weekend service attendance? (total not just kids) *
Which of the following do you feel is a pressing need right now in ministry? (more than one answer is okay) *
Which of the following best describes your motivation for ministry? (more than one answer is okay) *
Does your church provide enough financial support for the children's ministry? *
Tell us about your ministry - what's the total number of kids present in your ministry per week? (home school, teachers, or kids ministry, mission families, etc.) *
In general, how do you feel about the generation of children you are serving? *
Where do you go for help / encouragement for your ministry? (more than one answer is okay) *
Anything else you want to say? This is open ended and we're trying to understand what's happening out there! (not required)
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