CFAA CSA agreement form 2021
Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Community Farm of Ann Arbor (CFAA)! We are a biodynamic farm with a 30 year history of community supported agriculture (CSA). Our farm's model is centered on the CSA. This is the Community Supported Agriculture agreement that puts "community" first. Practically, that means a mutual commitment between farmer and eater in which we share the risks and rewards of farm production. You will find the details below.

It may take a good 20 or 30 minutes to get through this form. If you close the webpage, it will not save for you to continue at a second sitting. Please take the time to read each section carefully. We have adopted an opt-in policy out of respect for individual preference, but really wish to emphasize that what we are asking of each individual is simply what is best for the community well-being overall. In each instance, we have provided the reasoning for the request and have left space for any comments, concerns or questions you may have; please use the space provided to communicate any individual considerations.

Upon completion of all sections of this form, you will click a button that says "Submit" at which point you will have formalized your membership and you will get a message that we have recorded your response. You will also get a copy of your responses emailed to you, which will serve as your copy of this contract. Please forgive the extensive electronic communications, but it is the only feasible way to collect the information we need in a way that doesn't increase the administrative burden of structuring and organizing the CSA. Thank you in advance.
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CSA member share contract
This form, in its entirety, serves as our CSA member share contract for a 20 week harvest season, typically from mid-May to the beginning of October. The farmers are committed to try to grow the crops as indicated on the crop production plan to the best of their abilities and weather permitting. In return, the individual members are committed to financially support the farm as a whole as indicated by the sliding scale detailed further on.

We are calling this the "essential" share, as it is intended to provide for the essential nutritive needs of a human being. The planting plan for this year is expected to yield the following vegetables per share over the course of the harvest season:

5 bunches of beets
7 heads of cabbage
4 bunches of spring carrots
5 pounds of storage carrots
6 bunches of chard
plenty of cucumbers for eating fresh and pickling
10 each eggplant
10 heads of garlic
6 bunches of kale
leaf lettuce spring to fall
4 heads romaine type lettuce
10 pounds of onions
6 pounds snap peas
6 pounds shelling peas
21 pounds potatoes
12 bunches of radish
40 pounds winter squash
plenty of tomatoes for eating fresh and canning
4 bunches salad turnips
3 bunches fall turnips
It is my wish to support the Community Farm of Ann Arbor as a CSA member for the 2021 growing season. *
Payment terms for membership
It is recognized that the intent of a CSA agreement is to share the risks of farming that typically rest on the farmer(s) alone. Likewise, all members will share in the rewards of production when expected harvests are exceeded. The costs of farming are highest in the early part of the year, long before harvest comes in. As such, it is critical to secure income as early in the year as possible. You will have the option to pay in one, two or four installments with the total due by June 1. If you are able, please consider paying the entire membership pledge, or as much as you can, immediately upon completion of this form. Please write a check to "The Community Farm of Ann Arbor" and mail to:

The Community Farm of Ann Arbor
PO Box 8353
Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8353

This year we are encouraging individuals to share the joys of membership with others. You can do this directly by paying for the membership of another individual of your choosing. Additionally, you can make a gift through the farm; we will make a membership available to someone in the community on your behalf. In particular, it is our hope to provide a share for families with young children, if they do not feel they can support the farm with a payment themselves. Finally, we wish to remind you that additional contributions can be made to Chrysalis Biodynamic Agricultural Learning Center 501(c)(3) and will sponsor educational activity on the farm. If it is your wish to contribute to Chrysalis, you can use the following link for the Annual Appeal website.
The use of a sliding scale
It is recognized that not all individuals have access to the same resources. As a reflection of this fact, we provide for the use of a sliding scale in which each individual member can decide how much membership is worth. In the spirit of generosity, some individuals will pay more to help support other individuals who will need to pay less. In either case, it should be recognized that a personal investment in the Community Farm of Ann Arbor means your money does more than if it was spent at the grocery store or even at the farmers market. In addition to directly supporting the farmers, your membership contributes to the development of a community oriented toward supporting each other in the spirit of service. The sliding scale is an expression of our hope to be inclusive to every individual who is interested in the creative work we are engaged in, that is, the art of community.

Each November, the members as a whole determine the sliding scale and target share price for the following year. This year, the range of the sliding scale has been set at $600-1500, recognizing that each member who is able to pay above the target price makes it possible for one or more members to join at a cost that is less than the cost of production. The target price this year of $803 will yield a balanced budget and cover the cost of production. If you can pay at a higher level, you will help other members who can afford less. In the event that our expenses are not met, each share may be subject to a special assessment fee of up to 10% of the initial share pledge.
Each CSA share is intended to produce food for 1-2 people. If you have a larger household or really enjoy eating vegetables, you may want more than one share. How many shares would you like for yourself and your household? You may include any whole number in the "other" field. *
Would you like to give the gift of membership to another individual or household? If so, indicate below how many shares you pledge to give to others. In the following box, please provide a name of the individual who will be responsible for produce pick-up for each share you are giving. In addition to the first and last name, give any contact info needed (email is preferred) so that we can get in touch with them to share the good news of CSA membership. If you would like for the farm to make arrangements on your behalf, please indicate that in the next box. *
If you are intending to give the gift of CSA membership, include the name and contact info for each gift share below, or indicate that you want the farm to make a share available to someone in need. The farm will not share your identity in either case; if you are giving to someone you know, it will be up to you whether or not to tell them that you are the giver.
The sliding scale, as determined by members for the upcoming year, is $600-1500 per share. The target share cost of $803 will cover the cost of production for each share. How much do you pledge to pay per share (this amount will be multiplied by however many household and/or gift shares you indicated above)? *
We will total your pledge amount based on the number of shares you indicated. How many installments should we break your total amount into? *
CSA produce distribution
CSA share distribution, that is to say produce pick-up, will be on the farm (1525 S. Fletcher Rd. Chelsea 48118) each week. While we recognize this presents some difficulties, it is our intention to create a concrete connection between each member and the farm. There are animals to visit, beautiful land to see, historic barns and other interesting structures to investigate, art to appreciate and good company to enjoy. Many individuals will choose to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy some leisure time on the farm. In true community fashion, informal networks are created among members to help shoulder any difficulty presented with produce pick-up.

Historically, the week's harvest has been displayed in the naturally cool environment of a stone-walled barn, and each member brings reusable bags and packs their own produce. This year, we must be sensitive to public safety considerations required by the covid pandemic. We will display produce outside as much as weather allows and limit how many people are in the barn at once during pick-up. Prior to every harvest, farmers will wash hands and during harvest the farmers will wear masks to maintain a clean and safe handling of the produce.

Below you will select your preference for your share distribution day. Hours will likely be noon to 6pm on Wednesday and noon- 3pm on Saturday. If you don't have a preference, please indicate that and we will assign a day to you. It is helpful for us to be able to balance how many members are picking up on each day.
Would you prefer Wednesday or Saturday for your pick up? *
If you know you will have individual circumstances that make it difficult to pick up produce each week, please let us know and we will put you in touch with another member to make arrangements for help.
Member participation requirement
In our experience, it takes a community to support a farm, so our CSA agreement includes a work requirement. This is in part because there is a real need for additional help on the farm. Labor is far and away the largest cost of production, so it is critical to have a source of help. Additionally, we only engage a small portion of our land for crop production, leaving plenty of space for natural habitat and community use. This portion of our land produces no direct income but does require some attention. In an effort to keep labor costs down, and consequently share costs lower, we rely on member participation.

It is also true that the work of developing a sense of community takes place through the essential work of caring for the farm. The opportunity to enjoy a beautiful outdoor space and to work with fellow community members in a way that is safe and enjoyable is one that we wouldn't want to withhold from you! We love the work of farming and want to share that with members in a meaningful way.

The member participation requirement this year is 20 hours, or the equivalent of one hour per week of produce. We will have regular member work days to make scheduling more convenient for both members and farmers. The work of caring for the farm is not limited to physically demanding tasks; we can find significant work for every individual regardless of experience or physical ability. We do recognize that it is not practical for every member to fulfill a work requirement. As an option, we provide the possibility of paying a sum of no less than $300 in place of the 20 hours of work. This reflects the cost of paying a part time farm worker which costs the farm $15/hr. However, we would ask you to consider, especially if you are making the choice to pay rather than work because your professional work requires so much of your time, whether the value of a farmer's work should be considered much less than that of other essential professions. You may decide for yourself to pay a sum that reflects a higher value for the work that goes into producing good food.

Finally, we realize we are asking each member to give quite a bit in terms of both time and money. Most consumers ask farmers to give a whole lot more of themselves, even if doing so unknowingly. Surprisingly, some members find an unexpected satisfaction in volunteering on the farm, above and beyond the membership requirement. We call this devoted group the Farm Care Group. You can indicate below if this is something that you are interested in.
Do you intend to fulfill the member participation requirement with work or monetary compensation? If you intend to pay a sum, please use the "other" field to indicate an amount that is $300 or more. *
If you have concerns or questions about the member participation requirement, please use the space below to express yourself. Additionally, you could use the space to highlight personal talents or interests that may play a part in fulfilling the farm work required.
Would you like to receive separate email communications for the Farm Care Group?
Clear selection
Farm communication expectations
If you agree to CSA membership, you will be added to two different email lists. One is for all farm communications, which will include occasional newsletters and announcements for on-farm seasonal festivals and educational events. The second list is limited to CSA members for this growing season and will only include information directly related to produce distribution and member meetings. Separately, as indicated above, you can opt in for communications about additional volunteering with the Farm Care Group.

Our other electronic communications will go out through the various social media avenues. We consider it an important part of our work to share the joy and beauty we experience on the farm with the broader community. This often includes images of farm activities and farmers and members engaged in those activities. You have the option to opt in to allow us to use your image in our online communications. We hope that each member will agree that it is important to share our farm through the use of currently available technologies. If you have concerns or questions, there will be space for you to let us know what you think.

It is our community practice to encourage direct communication between farm members, both on and off the farm. You will have the option to opt in to share your name and/or phone number with other members. We will not share your information with anyone else. Along the same lines, if you have a need, please always feel free to reach out to the farm through email, to contact the farmers directly for any reason and to have conversations with other members. It's a lot more fun to be on this Earth with others.
Will you allow the farm to use pictures you share with us or pictures with your recognizable countenance (full face) or that of your family members' in our electronic and online communications? Use the "other" field to indicate any personal considerations. *
What is the last name we should have for farm records? Please note that we will record no more than one responsible party for each CSA share. You are welcome to share the produce of your share in any way you like and any other individual can add themselves to our email lists to get farm communications. *
What is the first name we should keep for farm records? *
What phone number should we keep for farm records? *
For most communications, we will use the email address you entered at the beginning of this form. Occasionally, we may mail a physical note or invitation to farm events. What address should we have for farm records? *
Do you want to include your name in a member directory, shared only with other members? We hope it will be helpful to know who other farm members are. Use the "other" field to indicate any personal considerations, or to simply say no thank you. *
Do you want to include your address in a member directory, shared only with other members? You may want to know who lives near you for the convenience of sharing the responsibility of produce pick-up, for instance. *
If you would like to also include a phone number for other members to see, please enter it here.
Biodynamic Association membership
In the spirit of collaboration, we are offering an introductory year long membership with the Biodynamic Association. This is intended to promote new memberships or re-enliven inactive members. When the time comes, you will be invited to renew directly with the BDA.

The Biodynamic Association awakens and enlivens co-creative relationships between humans and the earth, transforming the practice and culture of agriculture to renew the vitality of the earth, the integrity of our food, and the health and wholeness of our communities. We are excited to launch this pilot partnership/project with the Community Farm of Ann Arbor to increase awareness and interest in biodynamics. Membership into the BDA includes access to member discounts, member salons, access to the on-line version of the journal Biodynamics, and more for one year! To explore these benefits go to
Would you like a complimentary "Soil Builder" membership with the Biodynamic Association? If so, we will pass along your first and last name, email address and mailing address. Please note, if you select "yes" that by agreeing to click on this option, you give the Biodynamic Association permission to send you information including e-news, member news, and biodynamic specific information. At any time you wish to opt-out you will be able to do this by logging into your BDA website account to make modifications. The BDA will not sell nor share your information with any 3rd party vendors, marketers etc. For questions, please contact or call Tonya Taylor, Member Services 262.649.9212 x2 *
The land is in fact a working farm and that activity includes inherent risks. We will make an effort to communicate potential safety risks to you or your family. However, neither the owner of the land nor the Community Farm of Ann Arbor will be held responsible for the safety of farm members, their families or their guests. *
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