Girl Power! Wo-mentor Application 2018-2019
The YWCA's Girl Power! is a free after-school and day-time enrichment program located out of six schools and several drop-in sites in the Duluth area. Each site has a group consisting of 10-20 students in 3rd-5th or 6th-8th grade. Our activities work to carry out the YWCA's mission of empowering women and girls, eliminating racism. Programming consists of Girls Inc. leadership development curriculum, STEM (science technology engineering math) experiments, self esteem building, academic support, social justice, community engagement, field trips and much more. YWCA Girl Power! staff work hard to get to know all of our kids in the program and develop meaningful and healthy relationships, but with an average ratio of 1:10, we could use your help!

We are looking for volunteers like you to join us once a week (or more!) for at least one school semester to serve as an additional positive role models ("Wo-mentor"). All our volunteer opportunities provide you with the chance to get to know some awesome girl power! participants in our community and support their growth into strong, smart, and bold leaders of our community!

Please fill out the information below to become a Girl Power! Wo-mentor. We will contact you as soon as possible after receiving your application, but please feel free to contact Miriah Preap, Girl Power! Coordinator with any questions or 218-722-7425 x108

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Please list the name, phone number, and relationship to you of two people who can vouch for your reputation and who have known you for at least two years. These could include friends, family, and employers.
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Orientation *
All new wo-mentors need to complete a wo-mentor orientation. Please check OTHER and type in a few days/times that would work for you if the following days and times do not work for you. Orientation location and further details will be emailed to you a week prior.
Site Selection *
We ask that volunteers choose (at least) one day/time to commit to for one semester, starting the first week of October and finishing the week of December 10th (this may change). This is helpful for us to maintain consistency and for you have the chance to develop relationships with girls. If you are interested in the additional opportunities for sites, please comment in the availability section.
Availability Comments
Please comment if you marked a site and would like to also attend additional times (ex. LP Mondays and Tuesdays 2:30-5). Please also let us know if you have any scheduling conflicts with the site you select (ex. can only volunteer from 4:30pm to 5:30pm at Myers-Wilk. on Mondays). We will work to accommodate both your schedule and the needs of our program.
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Volunteer Policy and Profile
The purpose of Girl Power! is to provide the girls a chance to learn and grow in a safe and welcoming environment. Volunteers provide our girls with more one-on-one attention and positive role models.
Photo Consent *
By selecting YES, you agree to the YWCA of Duluth's use (without compensation) of your photograph, videotape, or other likeness for promotional purposes.
Background Check *
By writing my initials below, I signify that the YWCA of Duluth will need to complete a background check. I authorize Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to release data and to disclose all information maintained about me under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes Chapter 13, to the YWCA of Duluth. This information will include, but not be limited to allegations regarding and convictions for crimes committed upon minors. I understand that findings of the Criminal Background Check could result in my being discontinued as a volunteer.
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Signature *
By writing my name and the date below I acknowledge that: 1) If I am placed with Girl Power! I will make my best effort to be dependable and prompt for my scheduled time 2) I will contact program staff if any critical information (e.g. schedule changes, criminal charges, contact information etc) occurs after I have committed to volunteer 3) I will maintain a volunteer log at my site 4) I will maintain confidentiality of students, staff, and the program as outlined in my volunteer handbook.
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