Counselor Recommendation: Argentina Exchange Trip

The student who sent you this form has applied to take part in the NSHS Argentina exchange. Students who are chosen for these programs must demonstrate adaptability, responsibility maturity, and independence, and must have health compatible with a DURATION trip to DESTINATION. They should also be good representatives of their school, community and country. Your candid and comprehensive feedback is crucial in ensuring that your chaperone colleagues have all the information they need in order to adequately support this student.

Please note: Your feedback will be used primarily to help us understand how best to support each student on a trip, including whether extra resources might be needed to help them succeed. Your feedback may also be used to determine whether a student can safely participate in this experience. Thank you for noting any health or behavioral history in this reference that might be relevant.

Please complete this form by November 22, 2019.

If you would prefer to share your feedback in person, please contact Stacy Nazzaro or Helena Alfonzo
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