$100k Launch Workshop in Aspen, Co
This is a once in a lifetime launch workshop hosted by Tom Morkes in Aspen, Colorado from 1 December to 4 December. All you need to do is arrange your travels to and from the event, and the rest is covered by us (including food, lodging, workspace, instructors, transportation to and from airport, and daily events).

Our goal: to help you generate your first (or next) $100,000 in 2017 through a strategic launch (or launches).

Our commitment and guarantee: we are committed to your success. To make sure you achieve your goals, we have a 100% investment guarantee. We guarantee you will make back at least 100% of your investment from this event within 6 months if you follow our instructions and do your homework. If you don't, my team will personally manage your next launch to ensure you do.


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