Exercise for Mood and Anxiety- Post Survey
How can I identify you (suggest email if you're comfortable with that, otherwise an identifier you'll remember)?
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Did you fill out the pre-survey?
Did you read "Exercise for Mood and Anxiety?"
Do you exercise more after reading it?
What if anything has improved for you?
Suppose you could commute by driving in heavy traffic or bike. On a nice day, what is X, where you would be indifferent between 15 minutes of biking and X minutes in traffic? (0 = "I bike for fun"). If you can't bike, pretend you have a water commute and can row across.
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In the last 7 days, how many minutes did you spend in either anaerobic exercise or moderate or more aerobic exercise? For these purposes, low intensity aerobics or non-exercise physical exertion don't count.
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