Student Grocery Order
Please complete the following grocery order. Groceries will not be purchased without the completion of this form for each ingredient. Any ingredient not on your recipe and not approved by your instructor will not be ordered and will qualify for deduction of points on your lab.

Please do not include any of the following staple items found in your kitchen: All-purpose flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, pepper, vanilla, non-stick cooking spray, and olive oil. All other ingredients must be included with their amounts.

If multiple items must be purchased, after entering your first item click on the "Submit another response" option. Continue this process until all grocery items needed for purchase are included. Confirm in your email that all entries have been submitted.
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Course *
Kitchen # *
Lab Objective *
Examples: Pasta, Poultry, Appetizer, etc. Ask your instructor if need assistance. Before submitting, click on CTRL C to copy in order to paste into your next entry (CTRL V)
Category *
Item Name *
List the item name and then any details can follow. Example: Shredded cheddar cheese would be listed as "CHEDDAR CHEESE, SHREDDED" and sliced cheddar cheese would be, "CHEDDAR CHEESE, SLICES." Be as accurate in spelling as possible. Brand names do not need to be included.
Quantity *
Unit of Measure *
Select the measurement as listed by your recipe. In cases where it is not listed, choose the most appropriate measurement for your recipe and confirm with your instructor.
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