Workshop Team Application
Thank you for applying to become a Coding4Community volunteer! Please tell us about yourself and be completely honest, moving, and concise.

At the workshop team, you will create and present free public workshops on subjects in computer science and technology and be credited for every hour that you spend developing and presenting. You decide the presentation dates and times. As a member, you must attend every team meeting and present a workshop at least once every two months or you will be considered an inactive volunteer.
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If you have experience in teaching, tutoring, or hosting workshops, please talk about your experience here and discuss how what you did or learned will help you as a member of this team.
If you are new to teaching, please talk about why you are interested in the team and how your personal qualities will be suited for the team.
Do you have any experience or prior knowledge in computer science subjects that you are interested in presenting on? *
Thank you for applying!
Thank you for applying! you should hear back within 24-48 hours and if you have any questions or comments, please email Have a great day and stay safe
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