APO LEADS: Launch Online Course Fellowship!

Let's take LAUNCH together! Follow these 3 EASY Steps!

1. Sign up to take the APO LEADS: Launch Online Course here: https://student.gototraining.com/33z5z/rt/5362458180644837376
*Make sure the date indicates Wednesday, March 14th 9:00PM-11:15PM EDT (meaning you'll be taking this course at 6:00PM-8:15PM our time!)

2. Fill out THIS FORM for chairing purposes.

3. Show up Wednesday Night 6:00PM at the 24/7 Area and take the course with APO brothers! Bring Snacks!

Event Details:
What? Launch Online Course Fellowship!
When? Wednesday, March 14th 6:00PM-8:15PM
Where? 24/7 Area of the Library
What to bring: Charged laptop, snacks and yourself!

What is APO LEADS?

APO LEADS is the leadership development program of Alpha Phi Omega, National Service Fraternity. It was created to fulfill a portion of the vision statement of the Fraternity:

"Alpha Phi Omega will be the nation's foremost campus-based, inclusive, service-oriented, leadership development organization for university and college students by building upon its advantages and strengths as a unique and diverse Fraternity."

The five components of the APO LEADS program are:

* LAUNCH; Launching your leadership development (YOU NEED THIS FIRST!)

* EXPLORE; Exploring your leadership strengths and potentials

* ACHIEVE; Achieving success through teams

* DISCOVER; Discovering personal strengths and success skills

* SERVE; Serving the Fraternity by using management skills in your chapter

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