2012 Siskiyou Mountain Club Volunteer Application and Registration
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Participants under age 16 are not eligible for these trips, but keep posted for youth programs coming soon
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What trips are you committed to attending? You can always add more later. Please consider travel times. Please read all emails associated with your upcoming wilderness adventure.
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The Siskiyou Mountain Club hikes long distances and works for long periods using tools like long-armed loppers, axes, and handsaws. Please include any physical limitations so that we can place you in an appropriate work environment and ensure you have a good time.
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How far do you run or ride your bike or walk? Are your weekends spent on the trail or on the couch?
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Your Outdoor Experience
SMC volunteers do not need to be mountain (wo)men to participate, but it's important we know who we're working with and that you know what your getting yourself into.
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If you have worked with the SMC, when? Which project?
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Trail experience is definitely not a prerequisite - we use this information to help us build strong work teams.
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Your food preferences will be collected at a later date. Please read emails regarding your upcoming wilderness adventure.
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