Dear Parents,

At our martial arts school we do our best to instill in our students the qualities that will help them throughout their lives. The qualities include Patience, Respect, Self-Discipline, Self-Control and Good Manners.

Your child has been working hard for the past few weeks. They have shown dedication and are ready to test for a new level. When our students enroll in our program, we insist they work hard to perform well in all areas of their lives - the dojo, school and home. Please grade their performance in the following areas.
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Your Privacy & Use of This Information
Please be assured that your the evaluations you provide will be kept confidential and not shared with the student directly. It will be used only to help reinforce the traits we see in class or to help make the student aware that they need to act like a martial artist in the dojo, home and school.

If you feel your child has been falling below your expectations we will postpone the test until a later date.
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Thank you for your help with this survey as well as for allowing us to be a part of your child's life and future.

If you have a friend or neighbor that has a child that you know would benefit from martial arts like your child has, please let them know about our program and that they can get a free month with a VIP
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