Request for Relief: Business Support Fund
DISCLAIMER: We will distribute funds as equitably as possible throughout the neighborhood. We will review applications once we reach $10,000 in donations. We have a committee working to review and approve applications. While we cannot *guarantee* funding, we are working to do our best.

You do not need to be a Greater Art Museum Business Alliance (GAMBA) member to apply.

We will review all applications received, however we are prioritizing businesses that fall within the Greater Art Museum Boundaries: West Oxford (North) to Callow Hill (south), Pennsylvania (West) to Ridge Ave (East)

Grants generally range between $500-$1500.
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Please let us know what other funds you've applied to and if you were successful in receiving funds?(PLEASE NOTE: This will not affect your application, we just want a record of how well local businesses were compensated in this unprecedented time of need.) *
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