Which way shall we go with the collar?
In aspect of recent Second Life® server changes we have arrived at a crossroads with our OpenCollar / Peanut 9 collars.

Going forwards we have to make a decision as a community, whether we want...

a) The Tank Collar:

A collar that is meaner, taller and stronger, like a tank that is exponentially more robust against the problems that are happening now on the SL server, but that would also consume a much greater share of resources, causing more lag.

b) The Rogue Collar

A collar that keeps its most popular features, but does away without the old OpenCollar bulk to make it more agile, slimmer and harder to take down, having it consume so few resources that you barely even notice it is there at all.

To remind what this is all about, please consider reading the corresponding blog post to the end at: https://www.opencollar.at/blog/crossroads
Which type of collar do you want in the future? *
What describes your use case best? *
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