Tell us About Your DREAM Yacht...
This survey can be completely anonymous. We're not requiring your name, email, phone number... We're not here to spam you or send you unwanted emails, we simply want your honest opinion about yacht design, your personal style, hopes and dreams. Imagine we're sitting in the cockpit, sipping a cold one, watching the sunset in a calm tropical afternoon and just chatting about boats.

After you complete this survey, feel free to send it to your sailing buddies, spouse, lovers, ex-lovers (even if they don't like you), co-workers, people you don't know but need an excuse to make first contact. We wan't to hear from as many people as possible. At the end, there will be an optional place to add contact information, IF you'd like to stay informed with future updates and progress.

We'll be going over the results LIVE on our Youtube channel: ( sometime in the near future. So keep an eye out for that announcement. It should be fun!

Dan + Kika
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Estimated Time to Complete
Single person - (20 min+)
As a couple* - (1 hr+)
Family with young kids** (1 day+)

*We recommend, if you're a couple, you take the survey together. It's a good way to find out if you're sailboat compatible.
** We get it, kids are a hand full. This survey 'should' autosave as you go. So take your time to fill it out when you can.
What best describes your sailing background?
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What's your current sailboat relationship status?
Clear selection
Now sit back and close your eyes...(when you open them you can finish reading this question) How do you envision yourself primarily using a sailboat? Only check what you anticipate doing 25% or more of the time. *
In what areas do you see yourself sailing in the most? *
Ok, now it's time for a hard hit of reality and for you to be honest with yourself. In your current 5 yr plan, which of the following statements best describes what you're looking for? *
Is there any sailboat currently on the market you are just drooling over?  If so, please share the make and model.
What is the ONE thing in particular that draws you towards that boat? *
Is there anything you'd love to see on a sailboat that doesn't exist yet that should, or could be better?
What boat length sounds like the perfect combination of "big enough to meet your needs" and "small enough to be affordable/easy-to-manage"? *
How many people will be onboard the MAJORITY of the time? *
Would guests on your sailboat require their own cabin? Or is sleeping on the couch, I mean "settee", acceptable?
Clear selection
In this ideal yacht you now have inside your head, what layout combination best fit your needs? *
Which of the following styles make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? *
Please take a moment to rank the following design elements of your dream master cabin. *
Must Have!
Would be Nice
Don't really care
Definitely NOT!
Good head room
Big, comfy bed for 2.
Ability to access berth from side and not crawling in over the pillows.
Lot of storage/hanging locker space
Seating areas near the bed
Private/on suite head access
Ease of sleeping comfortably on offshore passages
Hull window to the sea
Good ventilation and natural light
Now please do the same for your ideal master throne room, aka "head", aka "toilet". *
Must Have!
Would be Nice
Don't really care
Definitely NOT!
Easy to Operate Electric toilet
Separate shower area
Wet locker for foulies in bad weather
Upscale materials like Corian and wood
Soft-close toilet seats
Large basin sink
Natural light and ventilation
And now for the Salon (main cabin area), you know the drill. Start ranking!! *
Must Have!
Would be Nice
Don't really care
Definitely NOT!
Big galley that is easy to cook in with lots of cooking apparatuses
Big dinette that 6+ people can eat at
Extra/removable seating for guests while dining
Dining table that can convert to a bed or removed
Settee (couch) that can be used with a lee cloth as an extra bunk
Formal/elegant feel to it for entertaining
Lots of storage for food, books, tools and anything else
Lots of overhead windows and natural light
Hull windows so you can see the ocean while seated
360° Visibility out to the horizon
Entertainment center with TV
A dedicated place for instruments/radio/charts
Forward facing nav desk
Built in Sound system
How do you really feel about toilets? *
If you HAD to choose, which would be more important to you in the balance of space? *
Will you be "sun tanning" out on deck? *
If you HAD to choose, which would be more important to you in the cockpit? *
If you HAD to choose, which would be more important to you while hand steering the boat? *
How would you like to spin your propellor once the sails come down? *
What motoring range would give you the confidence to take your boat out more? *
What speed would you prefer to motor at? *
How do you feel about Regen (the ability to harvest power from the prop while sailing with an electric motor) *
If you could only carry ONE backup fuel source to power everything, what would it be? *
What would be your preferred way to cook a meal onboard? *
Draft vs Performance: where do you stand on keel size? *
Air Draft: If you plan on sailing under any bridges or overhead cables, how short would the mast have to be to fit? *
How would you describe your perfect day of sailing. *
Now it's time for you to rant...What is your biggest gripe or pet peeve about what is currently being offered in yacht designs? Tell us how you really feel!
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