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RotoWire Writer Application
Thanks for your interest in contributing to RotoWire.

Most of our writers begin by covering a team beat or writing game wraps. A team beat takes about 15-30 minutes each morning depending on the time of year; the primary responsibility of the beat writer is to check all local news sources for relevant updates for your team's players. Game wraps are done at night, following the conclusion of games.

We also sometimes have spots for evening breaking-news shifts, early morning news shifts, and other more specialized tasks that vary by sport.

Please be aware that while we do offer paid positions, working for RotoWire often takes place on more of a part-time basis that serves as a second job. There is room to earn more money and move into article/editing/media work as you go along and take on more tasks, but don't consider this to be a substitute for full-time work in the short term.

Most people join us because it's a great staff, we're the most reputable service out there, and it's fun work that doesn't take up too much of your personal time.

Here are some other benefits of joining the RotoWire staff:

● You'll be part of the writers' network and the contacts that come with it.
● Your material will show up on ESPN, CBS and other high-profile places.
● We want our writers to succeed, and we'll always encourage the best writers to take on more or try new things.
● Every writer gets a free RotoWire subscription and access to certain affiliate subscriptions.
● You get access to some of the exclusive content we get as an industry member.
● Much of what you do here will look good on a resume if you ever need it. RotoWire has a genuinely great reputation in the sports industry. Writers such as Keith Law and Stephania Bell of ESPN, Carson Cistulli of FanGraphs, Yahoo's Scott Pianowski and Dalton Del Don, and other well-known names in the industry have worked at RotoWire.
● You'll have access to our staff leagues and eventually experts leagues.
● Our best writers are asked to contribute articles to our nationally distributed print magazines.
● Our best writers also get asked to appear on our radio shows and podcasts.

That's the gist of it. Most of all, it's a good group to work with if you're into fantasy sports. Our most talented writers often stay with us for years.

The work we have for you will depend on what sport(s) you follow most closely.

If you're still interested, please complete the simple application below, then e-mail Andrew Fiorentino [] when the application is complete.

Please keep in mind that you are applying for a writing position, and thus proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, etc. are expected.

Thank you for your interest in RotoWire.

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Why do you want to write for RotoWire? For example: resume booster, love fantasy sports, embarking on writing career.
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