EFA-OC Initial Survey
We are organizing an Orange County chapter of the EFA, and we'd like your input on when and where we should meet. This may change as the group grows, of course, but we'll cross that freeway when we come to it. For now, let's figure out the best option for the most of us this summer, and take it from there.
Assuming EFA-OC meetings are held at a convenient place and time, how often will you probably attend? (We won't take offense—we understand that life happens!)
Regardless of how often you're likely to attend, where in OC would be most convenient for you? (Choose as many as you like, and use the additional field to let us know about any strong preferences.)
Do you have suggestions or preferences for possible meeting places (a library, a restaurant, a great spot you know about)?
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When would be most convenient for you to attend meetings?
Do you have a maximum one-way commute time we should consider?
What else would you like us to keep in mind as we organize this? Feel free to share anything: topics/activities you'd appreciate, presentations you'd be willing to give, ideal days of the week or times of the month/year to schedule events, freeways you'll never drive no matter what ... ;)
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