WKNC 88.1 FM DJ Services Request
WKNC 88.1 FM can coordinate DJ services for events with a Yamaha StagePas Portable PA System, provided we have access to an electrical outlet. WKNC does not have access to a generator.

DJ services are for one-hour minimum, with one additional hour billed for setup and takedown time. Rates are $60 per hour, payable at the time of the event ($120 minimum payment).

Please complete the form to the best of your ability so we can better understand your event needs.
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Event name *
Brief description of the event. *
Please note any special requirements here.
What is the approximate size of your event? *
We have a large and small PA system and will bring whatever best fits your needs.
Is there a specific genre of music you want the DJ to play? *
Our DJs specialize in indie rock, hip-hop, electronic and heavy metal but can work to accomodate any genre.
Does the music have to be family/radio-friendly (no swear words)? *
Event date *
DJ set up time *
What time do you want the DJ to start setting up?
DJ set start time *
What time should the music start?
DJ set end time *
Location of event *
If your event is on the Oval on NC State's Centennial Campus there are electrical outlets on two of the light poles (circled in red). If you need WKNC to set up closer to the EBII side of the Oval you will need to provide  up to 250-feet of extension cords.
Is the event inside or outside? *
If outside, will you provide a 10x10 or similar tent for the DJ? *
Will you provide a table and chair for the DJ? *
Any parking details our DJ needs to know? *
Please include where the DJ can drop off the equipment as well as park.
Will the DJ have access to an electrical outlet? *
We will be unable to DJ without access to an electrical outlet. WKNC does not have access to a generator.
Does the event location have stable internet connection/access? *
Internet/Wi-Fi access is not required for us to DJ, but the DJ needs to know that in advance. We can bring our own Verizon 4G hotspot if needed.
Do you need us to bring a microphone to make any announcements? *
A microphone is included in the hourly price, but we need to know to pack it.
Is there anything else WKNC/our DJ needs to know about your event?
Is this event for an NC State department that needs to be billed by IDT? *
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