IALE-NA Sponsored Student Travel Awards: Application form

The Award:
Travel awards valued at up to $700 each have been made available to support students to attend the 2020 IALE-NA Meeting in Toronto, Ontario.

Applicants must be enrolled as a student at the time of the application deadline, and must submit an abstract to this year's IALE-NA meeting to qualify for a travel award. Students are eligible to receive one IALE-NA sponsored student travel award per degree program. Sponsored student travel award recipients are not eligible to receive NASA-MSU Professional Enhancement Awards or IALE-NA Foreign Scholar Travel Awards during the same conference year. Students who are interested in applying to either of those awards must submit separate applications, following the submission guidelines for those awards. More information may be found here:
NASA-MSU Awards Program - http://csis.msu.edu/education/nasa_msu_award
Foreign Scholar Travel Awards - http://www.ialena.org/foreign-scholar-award.html

How to Apply:
Students should fill out this application form, which will ask for
1. Basic personal information about you and your degree program
2. Lists of your educational and professional experience, publications, presentations, and other products
3. Short descriptions of your graduate research, your professional goals, and how the award will help advance your studies and your career
4. A copy of your abstract that was submitted to the meeting
5. An estimated travel budget for this conference

Your application will be judged by the IALE-NA Awards Committee based on the qualifications and achievements you list, the information in the summaries and statements you provide, and your past and current involvement in IALE-NA. Preference will be given to students who are currently IALE-NA members. To join IALE-NA or renew membership, please visit http://www.ialena.org/membership.html

You must inform your major advisor that you are applying for this award, and acknowledge their approval at the end of this application. Within two weeks following the conference, award recipients are required to submit a short (1-2 paragraph) summary of their experiences at the meeting, which will be shared with the IALE-NA board, sponsors, and included in the IALE-NA newsletter. This information is important for obtaining award sponsorship for future years.

All IALE-NA sponsored student travel award applications are due via this Google Form by 11:59 pm EST (GMT-5) on January 6, 2020. Applicants will receive an email confirmation of their submission within 48 hours of submitting. Awardees will be notified in late February 2020.

There is no way to save your progress on this application form prior to submitting. It is strongly suggested that you copy and paste the questions into a Word document or similar format and compose your answers there, then return to this application to paste in your answers and submit.

More Information:
Please strictly adhere to all directions when preparing and submitting responses; not doing so will result in disqualification of an application.

Privacy statement:
Your responses to the questions will not be shared with anyone beyond the IALE-NA Awards Committee prior to selection. Names and contact information of successful applicants may be shared with the IALE-NA Executive Committee and conference sponsors once selected. Note, however, that responses will be collected and stored in Google Drive, so you should also refer to Google's terms of service (https://www.google.com/drive/terms-of-service/) and privacy policy (https://policies.google.com/privacy).

For questions, please contact Jennifer Costanza (ialena.travelaward@gmail.com).
Personal Information
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Email address *
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Current degree program *
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Your CV
List your educational background. *
Include institution name, department, and degree(s) earned. For your current institution, list your expected graduation year. (100-word limit)
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List your relevant professional experience. *
Include your place of work, dates or years, and a short description of your duties. (150-word limit)
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List up to five total publications, presentations, or other relevant professional products. *
Be creative! For example, listing URLs to products, especially non-traditional ones like data sets, software packages, manuals, educational videos, white-papers, or anything else, will help us evaluate them and will make your answer more concise. (150-word limit)
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List any other information about your experience or involvement. (optional)
This could include awards, community service, involvement in IALE-NA or other professional societies, broader impacts, anything to give us a sense of your experience beyond the questions above. Again, be creative in how you present these, and listing URLs can help us evaluate them. (200-word limit)
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What diverse perspective(s) will you bring to the IALE-NA conference and broader landscape ecology community? (optional)
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Your research and professional goals
Provide a short description of your graduate research and its relevance to landscape ecology. *
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Provide a brief summary of your professional goals. *
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Provide a brief statement about how this award will benefit your studies and professional career. *
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Your IALE-NA abstract
Provide the full list of authors and affiliations for your abstract that you have submitted to this year's IALE-NA meeting *
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Paste a copy of the abstract that you have submitted to this year's IALE-NA meeting. *
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Is this an oral or poster presentation? *
Your travel budget
Provide a breakdown of your travel budget *
Include itemized estimates of how much you will spend for conference registration, lodging, airfare, non-airline transportation, per diem, and any other anticipated travel expenses. List any additional sources of funding you anticipate using to fund your travel to this meeting. (200-word limit)
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By completing this application and checking these boxes, I certify that I acknowledge and understand the responsibilities associated with receiving this award. Inability to complete any of these responsibilities will result in revocation of my travel award. *
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