# Stories at home
Sharing intimate stories from our new daily reality.

Please note :)

- Text: we need your answers to be deep and broad to reflect life in your home.
- Photographs: send us between 6-10 thoughtful, careful and quality images. It is important to be able to illustrate your story.
- We are receiving many stories and of course, we cannot upload all of them :) So the more descriptive and narrative the text and images are, the more likely it is to be published.

We love receiving and reading all the stories, it's a real pleasure.

Thank you very much for sharing!

Anna & Maor
Email and instagram account
A short phrase of whatever comes to your mind
Introduce us to who is at home
How are you living the day to day?
What routines do you follow? What do you do for:
1. Stay active (sport or practice) | 2. Feel good mentally and emotionally | 3. Stay connected to your family and friends | 4.Concentrate (e.g. with work) | 5. Other
Is there anything you've incorporated into your life that makes you feel better that you didn't do before?
How do you feel, how are you living it? Do you feel or experience any mental changes? (in terms of yourself, family, partner, children, decisions, future)?
What do you miss the most?
How do you think your life will be after this experience, do you feel that some things will change?
What's the first thing you'd like to do when all this will be over?
In this situation we are in, we look more inward, what have you learned about yourself / others that you didn't know?
Tell us a funny situation that's happened to you since you've been in quarantine.
Share a tv series, a movie and a book you want to recommend.
Evaluate your current states from 0 to 10
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We like visuals :) We only upload stories with photos. Send us between 5-10 photos that describe your story to maorsito@gmail.com
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