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Whether online or in the classroom, we're ready for anything! Or we will be after an intense summer of planning! What do you feel you need MOST to prepare this summer for transitioning these highly unique 5th graders? All responses are confidential and for the purposes of planning powerful professional learning for the future of 'hybrid' online/face-to-face classrooms TOGETHER. Like all teachers, we will keep our norms appropriate, respectful, equitable, and on point. Please use your personal email address.
My name is: *
I will teach in (city and state): *
This fall, I will be teaching 6th grade: *
Check all that apply.
through a 6-8 middle school.
through a 5-6 intermediate school.
I am not teaching this subject.
Social Studies
Physical Education
Special Education: SLP, OT, LAD, ED, other.
Something else. Please explain in comments.
1. I want to grow in a network of 6th grade teachers by exchanging best practices in: *
Check all that apply.
Higher priority to me
Important but lower priority to me
social emotional learning for this specific bracket of affected students.
lesson delivery IN the classroom.
lesson delivery OUT of the classroom.
lesson delivery IN and OUT of the classroom.
supporting peers on grade-level team
forming communities IN the classroom
forming communities OUT of the classroom
synchronous and asynchronous learning methods.
achieving equity.
disease control and disease education.
2. I want my 6th grade teacher network to be *
Check all that apply
Higher priority to me.
Important but lower priority to me right now.
in my subject area only.
as a team (collaborating with all teachers from all subject areas).
synchronous only (we meet regularly)
asyncronous only (we respond to club-oriented prompts with each other)
both asynchronous and synchronous (ideas please leave them in comments)
3. I need further professional learning on the following topics, in order of proficiency: *
I'm an expert
I'm proficient
I need more help
Using learning management platforms (please list in comments)
Altering content organization for online success.
Altering content lesson delivery for online success.
Understanding the difference between online lessons, courses, modules, and other approaches for online learning.
Building an online community with students and parents.
Other, please leave a note in comments.
4. I want professional learning that is: *
Please rate your preference of completing professional development either passively via watching a comprehensive video suite or collaboratively via completing lessons/courses in workshops and establishing a teacher network for sharing materials.
5. I want professional learning in: *
Self-Paced via a video suite
Collaborative, with our cohort online (synchronous only)
Collaborative, with our cohort online (asynchronous only)
Collaborative, in my school only
Course Preparation
Lesson Preparation
Social Emotional Preparation
Special Education Preparation
Virtual Classroom Preparation
Virtual School Preparation
Other Preparation, please leave a note in comments
6. The degree I am willing to complete professional learning without receiving CPU credit: *
Very Willing - I was going to do it myself anyway.
Not Willing - I am only doing PD if it's school/district -provided.
7. The degree I am available in June, July, and August *
Like all of us, our availability may change dramatically through the summer. This is an AVERAGE to understand desired frequency of contact.
8. I like the name 6TN. *
If no, please propose a different name.
I have ideas. *
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, please leave your comments below. Please send this along to interested peers. Like all teachers, we will keep our norms appropriate, respectful, equitable, and on point. To contact the administrator director, email learnmore@stemjourneys.org.
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