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How do we create resources and tools that on-the-ground practitioners can actually use in schools and classrooms?
Hundreds of high-quality evidence-based practices emerge from research every year, carrying with them the potential to transform student outcomes. But this vital research often lives in long, dense and inaccessible studies that are challenging to unpack and use, especially for their intended audiences of busy school leaders and classroom teachers with many competing priorities and limited time.

For these practices to reach the right stakeholders and inform their decision making, they need to be delivered in a way that is highly optimized for practitioners’ needs – attending to timing, format, messenger, and channel. But how do you know what those needs are? And how do you translate those needs into an asset?

Over the last couple of years, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Advancing Actionable Knowledge strategy has been developing and testing processes and tools to support translating research into assets that are more useful, usable, and used by practitioners. Along with our partners the Collaborative for Student Success, MissionWired, and ResultsLab, we are excited to share our learnings to date and how partners can apply this to their work. This session will walk through the importance of optimizing resources for practitioner use, what we’ve learned about the optimization process, and the tools available for on-demand support.

Please feel free to forward this session to anyone in your network that would be interested. This session will benefit partners seeking to make their work more practitioner focused, including:

- Researchers and knowledge brokers
- Organizations that directly support practitioners and decision-makers
- Partners that manage or support practitioner networks and communities of practice

Tuesday, October 12
3:00pm - 4:00pm Eastern Time
This session will be recorded.

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