Children's Spring Classes 2021
This spring we are offering 4 classes for kids between the ages of 8-14. We will be splitting the classes into 2 8 weeks sessions. You can sign up for one or both! Each session different material will be taught. If you have questions, you can email Cathy Randazzo Olsen at
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Advanced Acting for Kids (8-14): *
Improv for Kids (10-14): *
Fundamentals of Acting for Kids (8-13): *
Musical Theatre Performance for Kids (8-14): *
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1. Enrollment Confirmed upon receipt of completed Registration Form, signed Policies & Procedures, a 50%tuition deposit or payment in full for class/(es). STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED TO CLASSES WITHOUT SIGNED REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS AND TUITION PAID IN FULL WITH NO REMAINING BALANCES. *
2. Tuition and Payment: Payments may be made any time prior to the class session’s begin date via Paypal or you can email our Box office manager Judith Johnson at Please note, once the registration form is received, we will send you an invoice via PayPal. *
3. Class Exchanges may only be obtained through approval from the Education Director. *
4. Refunds: All sales are final. 5. Missed Classes cannot be refunded or reapplied to future classes. Recreational/Fitness classes may have prior payment reapplied to future classes only in the same session. *
6. Medical Authorization: The undersigned hereby fully releases and discharges the Lake Worth Playhouse,Inc., its assigns and successors, from all rights, claims and actions which the minor or his or her successors may have against the Lake Worth Playhouse, Inc., arising out of the minor’s or individual’s participation. The undersigned also authorizes the Lake Worth Playhouse to arrange for emergency medical treatment on the student’s behalf in the event that Lake Worth Playhouse Staff are unable to contact the parent or guardian of a minor student, or in the event an adult student is unable to arrange for emergency medical treatment for any reason. *
7. Media/Photo Release: The undersigned authorizes the Lake Worth Playhouse to use photos and video images of Lake Worth Playhouse students for publication and promotional purposes. *
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