First Tee at Home - Weekly Challenge (Week of April 13)
Test your knowledge of golf and the First Tee with this weekly challenge. Submitted answers will be individually graded by the First Tee of Southeast Wisconsin.
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What Core Value is defined as, "Considerate and polite behavior toward others; a polite remark or gesture"
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The skinny part in the middle of the golf club is the:
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I should always be aware of where all others in the class or group on the golf course are located?
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How many rounds of golf are there in professional tournaments? *
What is one stroke above par? *
When it is my turn to play, I should be:
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At my golf class and on the course, examples of showing courtesy are which of the following ?
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It's OK for me to talk while others are swinging
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The club that will hit the ball the farthest is the:
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If I break my tee while swinging, I should
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