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I have asked permission from the head of centre to include the centre name and postcode on the map and I also give permission for my details (name and centre email address) to be added to the centre map for Geology. *
I will not share the link and login details to the centre map with anybody else and understand that to do so is a breach of confidentiality which will result in my details being removed from the map. *
I accept that teachers have provided their details voluntarily for inclusion on this map. All users are teachers from centres teaching WJEC/Eduqas qualifications. However, WJEC has not vetted the suitability of individual users for networking and sharing purposes and cannot accept any responsibility for wrong or unclear information shared between users. *
I understand that the information will be available in the public domain, outside of the control of WJEC and therefore accept that WJEC cannot guarantee that the information will not be used by external parties for other purposes. Whilst requests to remove contact information from the map will be undertaken, it still may exist in some form on the internet or be harvested by third parties. *
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