ACL Student Parking Permit Application
A Day Passes are Sold Out. We will make an announcement if additional permits become available.

Please ensure that all information provided within this application is accurate (especially email and days attending ACL). Failure to provide accurate information will prevent application from being processed. Communication regarding parking permits will be done via the email address provided in the application.

Parking facilities are provided at the Academies of Loudoun as a convenience to 11th and 12th grade students who drive to school. Postgraduate students in the PN program receive a parking permit as part of the standard tuition (i.e. are not required to pay an additional fee).

Parking on school grounds is a privilege that may be granted by the Administration. The following conditions must be met:
1. To register, students must complete and submit this form electronically.
2. Once selected to receive a permit, payment must be received/confirmed prior to permit being issued.
3. Students must register any vehicle which will be parked on school property.
4. Parking permits must be hung visibly on the rear-view mirror on your vehicle.
5. With a parking pass, students may park in any "numbered" student parking spot (i.e. no assigned spot).
6. Students may not sit in parked vehicles or linger in the parking area.
7. Traffic laws, school regulations, and normal safety procedures must be observed at all times.
8. The speed limit on school property is 10 miles an hour.
9. Drivers are responsible for the conduct of their passengers and the contents of their vehicles while on school grounds and while driving to and from school.
10. Cars parked on school property are subject to search under School Board Policy 8-2.
11. The penalty for illegal parking may result in disciplinary action and suspension of your driving privilege.

Please note that driving to school is a privilege which should not be abused. The administration reserves the right to rescind driving privileges of students for the following reasons:
1. Not showing sufficient academic progress
2. Accumulating excessive tardies or absences
3. Excessive or serious disciplinary infractions
4. For any other reasons deemed appropriate
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