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We require your measurements for your custom Laurel piece. Please follow the prompts.
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Shoulder measurement from shoulders cusp to shoulders cusp.
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Bust - this measurement should be taken around your chest, placed over the nipple
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Waist - this measurement is taken around your torso above the belly button.
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Hips - this is taken around your hips, placed over the hip bones.
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Buttocks - taken around your lower body, placed over the most full part of your buttocks.
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Thigh - the measurement of one thigh. Taken around the thickest part of the thigh.
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Full length - taken from shoulder to floor.
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Torso length - taken from shoulder to hips.
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Legs length - taken from hips to floor.
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I am giving my accurate measurements to Laurel, by doing so I take full responsibility for any garment/s made with the measurements I have provided. I understand the costs involved with any items listed on the website and understand I will not receive a refund if the garment is made as per my measurements listed in this document and does not fit. I understand that this same policy stands with any custom items not listed on the website as well. By clicking "yes" I agree to these T+C's regarding my custom order. *
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