F3H3 Overnighter for 15th anniversary in Nanasawa Onsen on Friday, July 12th / 七沢温泉
After hash in Shinjuku on July 12, we will head to Nanasawa Onsen. It is a 20-minute bus ride from Hon-Atsugi station of Odakyu Line. You will be amazed at the real hot springs (strong alkaline content), open-air bath, the atmosphere of a quiet countryside, local craft beer and sake just one hour from Shinjuku!
Participation Fee: 11,000 yen per person. ( Early Bird is 10,000 yen by 21, June).
Group reservation for limited express is available on 500yen. Please fill it in the registration form.
Covers: accommodation (shared room) ,breakfast, snacks, drinks, beers and hangover run on day 2. First pay, first served!
Cancellation: unable to refund for cancellation on and after June 30). Registration without payment will be cancelled after July 6.
Note: Your registration is not completed without payment and submitting the form.
Further info and payment, ask to Mis-managements, Vagina Monitor or Xie Xie Poo Poo.
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