CuraDAO registration
Bon bini to the CuraDAO 👋

You're about to participate in the CuraDAO, a community-driven social impact fund in Curaçao.

By filling in this form, you become one of the first members of the CuraDAO and receive some Ethereum, which is needed to successfully submit your proposals to join the CuraDAO! 🙌

ℹ️ Before registering to the CuraDAO you need to have a Metamask wallet. We have created a registration tutorial video that will guide you through the process:

Questions or suggestions? Please post them in the Facebook group.

Happy to have you involved!

Union ta hasi forsa

ℹ️ The information you provide and use will solely be used for participating in the CuraDAO.
What's you (full) name? *
Please insert your Ethereum address from your Metamask account. Don't have a Metamask account yet? Follow this video: *
Mention in a few short sentences, which problems do you think needs solving in Curaçao.
If you could solve one of those problems in Curaçao today, which one would it be? *
Which of the following skills do you possess? *
Which of the following topics interest you most? *
What are you passionate about? what motivates you ?
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