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Hello! This questionnaire should be able to diagnose your company's growth challenges.
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How do you feel about your business intelligence and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)? *
1 - Abject Terror. No idea.
2 - It hurts to look at!
3 - Starting to get there
4 - Feeling pretty good!
5 - We've actually mastered it. It cannot be improved.
Sales Tracking
Inventory Tracking
Buy Cost Margin
Landed Cost Margin
Loaded Cost Margin
Sales Pipeline
Purchasing Pipeline
Project Management
How do you feel about your accounting? *
0 - N/A
1 - Don't have.
2 - Have, it sucks.
3 - Have, it's "meh"
4 - Have, it's good!
5 - Have, it's perfect!
Income Reconciliation - We know every fee on every channel.
Inventory Reconciliation - We know where every unit goes.
Bill Pay and Payroll Integrations
Purchase Order Reconciliation
Inventory Integrations
ERP Integrations
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