Writing Goals Assessment
This short evaluation will help me to understand where your strength lies and what kind of writing experience you have. Wherever you are is OK. Once you have filled out the form, I will contact you with the next step :).
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Please tell me what genres (e.g., narrative poetry, fantasy, braided essays, historical novels, etc.) your writing falls within for each category checked above.
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Please tell me if you have had any formal training in writing, such as an MFA or MA with a Creative speciality, received mentorship from an established author, taken workshops/writing courses (if so by whom), or belong to a writing group where one or more members have a publishing track, have worked as a technical writer, etc.
What is your ultimate writing goal? *
How dedicated are you to achieving your writing goal? *
Constructive criticism is a fundamental part of a writer's growth. I offer kind, well-considered feedback from structure to style. What is your comfort level with receiving feedback? *
Have you worked with an editor/writing consultant before? If so, when and how was your experience? How do you feel I can help you?
Are you working on a writing project or manuscript you would like me to look at? Please tell me about it here.
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