TOIT 2017 Volunteer Application Form
We are looking for young and enthusiastic persons joining our TOIT 2017 team!

The tasks that volunteers will vary (meeting the participants and helping them check-in, assisting the trainers before/during/after the training sessions, arranging training space, making copies of training materials, making photos of the training process, etc.). Each volunteer will receive a list of tasks by the beginning of the TOIT 2017.

The two-step application process includes filling in this online form and having an interview with an orga team member via Skype.

To begin with, please fill in the form below to apply. As a part of this online application, you will be asked to:
- write a motivation letter;
- send a short CV or a link to a LinkedIn profile with extended description of your education and work experience;
- become a Young SIETAR member if you are not already.

Volunteers will receive a Certificate of Training Assistant Team Member and a formal Thank you letter.

We will respond promptly :)

Interculturally yours,
TOIT 2017 orga team (Nadine, Ruth, Nadia, Johanna, and Diana)

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