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The South Region Health Collaborative is a community-wide Initiative to make health and healthcare a priority and a value shared throughout the south side of Chicago.
This collaborative serves as a catalyst to promote ongoing family health and public safety in targeted neighborhoods. The South Region Health Collaborators are health and human service providers, collaborating to facilitate the exchange of resources, opportunities, experience and information in under-served communities throughout the State of Illinois. We have partnered with schools, churches, civic and business leaders, community organizations and block club associations. Through these existing networks and partnerships, the South Region Health Collaborative leverages resources in the community to maximize impact and improve health equity for every resident.
The Health Agenda:
Drive Collective Impact for Community Health, Build an equitable, health-focused South Region for all residents. Partnering together to implement solutions that improve healthcare, connect with social services, and ensure healthier lifestyles and neighborhoods, making the South side of Chicago a place where families and community residents want to live, work, learn, and play.
Targeted Neighborhoods
Underserved Communities on the South and West sides of Chicago: Coverage areas: South Shore Drive (EAST) - Austin Avenue (WEST) & Madison Street (NORTH) to 130th (SOUTH)
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