Library Questionnaire
The Board of Education oversees our Church Library and is looking for ways to invigorate the Library and maximize its usefulness to all our members.

Please help us in determining the future direction of our current Church Library by completing this brief questionnaire. Thank you in advance for your input!

Do you value having a Church Library?
Not at all
Very much so
Do you check books/materials out from the Library?
If Yes, what books/materials categories do you check out?
If No, can you briefly state why not?
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What would you like to see added to our collection?
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Tell us about your household!
How many individuals aged 0-5 reside?
Age 6-10
Age 11-17
Age 18-25
Age 25-40
40 and older
Should Mount Olive continue to have a Church Library?
Do you have any further thoughts about revitalizing the Church Library?
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Your name (optional)
If you do not mind leaving your name, it may help if we have any follow-up questions for you and your Library experience.
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THANK YOU for participating in this questionnaire!
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