One Day Cancer Immunotherapy Symposium: June 24th 2017, Venture Center, Pune
Immunotherapy includes the use of antibodies, cancer vaccines or engineered immune cells that aid the immune system in specifically eliminating cancer cells. Clinical trials for a class of cancer immunotherapies known as Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors (ICIs)have shown significantly increased survival rates in patient with several types of malignant cancers. While selected ICIs have been approved for use in the US and EU, they have recently begun entering the Indian market.

The symposium will focus on Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in the Indian Scenario and aim at understanding the following:
• Basic biology of immune checkpoints
• Drug development and regulatory processes
• Clinical applications
• Diagnostics
• Market and Funding opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Symposium shall consist of:
• Talks
• Panel discussion
• Networking session

Symposium is for:
• Entrepreneurs/ startups with interest in cancer diagnostics and immunotherapy
• Innovators and technologists
• Clinicians (medical oncologists, pathologists)
• Researchers
• Pharma/Biotech Industry professionals

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