Join the Big Medicare for All Canvass!
Join the East Bay Democratic Socialists of America in our fight for Medicare for All!

Since early 2017, East Bay DSA has been forwarding the demand for single-payer healthcare in California. Over the course of our campaign for the Healthy California Act (SB-562), we’ve talked to thousands of people across the East Bay whose claims have been denied, who pay outrageous out-of-pocket fees, or simply have no coverage, alongside the 28 million Americans who remain uninsured under the Affordable Care Act.

In September, Bernie Sanders introduced a landmark Medicare for All bill that would uplift all residents of the U.S. by guaranteeing healthcare as a human right, and the bill has been met with a groundswell of support. His Medicare for All legislation has attracted overwhelming support across America, and has also been championed by local politicians like Gayle McLaughlin and Jovanka Beckles of the Richmond Progressive Alliance.

East Bay DSA has endorsed this federal legislation and the state-level candidates who support the Healthy California Act because we know that people want and need a system that follows these five principles:

- A single public program
- Comprehensive coverage
- Universal coverage regardless of citizenship status
- Free at the point of service
- Job training for health insurance employees

Meanwhile, the private health insurance industry continues to defend a system that profits off the illnesses of working people everywhere. Their CEOs pocket an average salary of $20 million a year. They’re not about to let Medicare for All happen without a fight. It's on all of us to take down this system.

In 2018, we are going to knock on every door in the Bay Area, talk to our neighbors about health justice, and bring them into our movement. It all starts on January 13, when hundreds of DSA and community members will go out and knock thousands of doors in a matter of hours. We'll start with a training on how to canvass in support of Medicare for All, then break into teams to hit the streets of Oakland with our message. This event will double as the launch for our campaigns in support of Gayle McLaughlin for Lt. Governor and Jovanka Beckles for Assembly District 15—two staunch supporters of universal healthcare in California and beyond.

No experience necessary, and all are welcome. In 2018, a more just world is ours to win.

Date: January 13, 2018
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Place: Omni Commons (4799 Shattuck Ave. in Oakland)

Please note that Omni Commons is wheelchair accessible and a 10-minute walk from the MacArthur BART. Snacks and water will be provided. You can find full accessibility information here: Please feel free to contact with questions!

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