Extenuating Circumstances Form

Extenuating Circumstances (EC) are defined in the Al-Salam Institute regulations as circumstances that are unforeseen and outside your control and which can be shown to have had a direct and substantial impact on your academic results. This may include an impact on the capacity to study prior to an assessment, on the ability to complete an assessment, and/or on performance during an assessment.

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Guidance and Criteria
Your statement will be judged by the Al-Salam Institute EC Panel who will make a decision whether you will be allowed additional time to complete your assignment or an opportunity to resit your exams at a later date. The decision will be at the discretion of the EC Panel only.

The Extenuating Circumstances Panel needs to judge whether your circumstances were:

- Unforeseen
- Outside your control
- Were likely, on balance, to have had a direct and substantial impact on your ability to complete an assignment or sit an exam.

Examples of acceptable Extenuating Circumstances:

- Serious short term illness
- Bereavement
- Adverse personal or family circumstances
- Worsening of a long term health condition
- Serious personal injury
- Being the victim of a serious crime

NOTE: The information provided in this form will be kept confidential, for the sole use of decision making by the Al-Salam Insitute EC Panel.
1. Student Details
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2. Assessment Details
Module Title(s) *
The Module for which you completing the EC form (e.g. Arabic, Usul al-Fiqh, Hadith). Seperate multiple modules using a comma (,).
Assessment Type *
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Submission Deadline / Assessment Date *
The date at which the assignment was originally due in or the original exam date.
3. Statement about my extenuating circumstances
In your ‘Statement about my extenuating circumstances’ you should cover:

- What your extenuating circumstances are including the relevant dates.
- How the extenuating circumstances affected your performance or prevented you from attending or submitting work on time.
- Why the circumstances are unforeseen and outside your control.
- The steps you took to address the extenuating circumstances at the time (e.g. seeing a doctor/ counsellor, seeking support through relevant agencies).

NOTE : A longer statement does not increase the chances of your case being accepted and may make it difficult for the reviewers to identify the key elements in your case. Please keep your statement within 250 words.
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4. Declaration
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