McKinney ISD Course Applications 20-21
Students and parents will use this form to apply for courses or programs for the 20-21 school year. All applications (except for Health Science) are due by February 28 for priority consideration.

Important Notes:
* Prerequisites (including grade level) apply to these courses and programs. Parents and students should carefully read the course descriptions and course requirements listed in the online Academic Planning Guide.

*Applications may require an electronic signature from both the student and the parent. Students and parents should work together to complete the process.

* Application based courses or programs have limited enrollment. The status of your application will be communicated by the respective program teacher. .

* In the event that you are not selected for the program(s) that you have applied to, your counselor will place you in the alternate course selection(s) listed on your course registration card.

* Be sure to read the application instructions carefully. Some applications may require you to submit supplemental material (such as a resume) directly to the teacher, may require you to print and complete the application, or may require participation in an interview process. Questions about program requirements, the application process or application status should be directed to the program contacts.

To access the applications you will first select your campus below. You will then select from the drop down list of programs.
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