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Remote. The Rural Changemakers Of Janwaar
Shipping date: December 15, 2017

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Ulrike Reinhard is a German publisher, author and futurist who has travelled more than 100 countries where she has spoken to Nobel Laureates, nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize, high ranking politicians, internationally acknowledged visionary thinkers, successful entrepreneurs, outstanding critics, activists and down-to-earth field practitioners.

All her work is related to network theory with the Internet at its core. On these grounds she started Janwaar Castle in 2014. It was a social experiment – a skatepark in a rural village in the heart of India. What unfolded then is an incredible story of change. Social, cultural and economic change. The children in this village became true changemakers. They took the lead and became role models for many others. Skateboarding has given them self-confidence and self-esteem. Now they are on their way to take their future in their own hands. They’ve an identity they earlier couldn’t even think of.

In this book the changemakers themselves tell their stories of change. So do their parents and people Ulrike has worked with.

Format: 180×240 mm
Pages: 200
Hardcover, linen, embossed, thread binding

Published by
Photos: Shail Desai, Gabriel Engelke, Vicky Roy
Layout: Bea Gschwend
Editor: Ulrike Reinhard
Heidelberg, Germany

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