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Janwaar. Beyond Skateboarding
Shipping date: September 15, 2020

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Skate. Educate. Build community.
These are the pillars of Janwaar Castle – the greatest skatepark you’ve never heard of. In the small village of Janwaar, India, the skateboard is more than four wheels and a board. Here it is a vehicle for social change, gender equality, and education.

Unlike our first book in which the changemakers themselves told their stories of change in this book two articles, written by well-known journalists – Doris Eichmeier and Shail Desai, will tell you the changes we see and the impacts we have in this hamlet Janwaar, which go far beyond skateboarding.

Format: 195 × 135 mm
Pages: 208
Paperback, 100 pages photos

Published by The Rural Changemakers gem. e.V.
Layout: Bea Gschwend
Editor: Ulrike Reinhard
Heidelberg, Germany
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