Abag sa Pagtungha : Gadget Donation Form

As the entire UP System shifts to online remote learning due to the COVID 19 pandemic, students are forced to adhere to the situation despite some of them having limited resources or no means at all for online learning access.

In line with this, the Communicators of UP Cebu Alumni Association together with the CommUP student organization and the support and cooperation of the UP Cebu Communication Faculty, have decided to launch “Abag sa Pagtungha” an initiated project that aims to gather funds and resources to support the remote learning of currently enrolled Communication students.

Our Communication juniors need our help and we call on the entire UP Cebu Mass Communication community to come together and help them get through these difficult times in their studies and make sure that no student is left behind.

Should you wish to donate or lend used or brand new gadget/s, please accomplish this form.
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