SWEET ON YOU by Becky Wade
We're organizing a Book Tour for SWEET ON YOU by Becky Wade. This is the third book in her Bradford Sisters Romance series, but can be read as a standalone. This is an Inspirational Contemporary Romance with no content warnings.

You MUST have a Christian or Family-Friendly blog to be on this tour.

The tour will launch on May 20th, with tour stops the 20th - 31st (Mondays through Fridays only). Stops will include a mix of reviews and excerpts.

There is also a Bookstagram Tour from May 13th - 19th (the week prior to the tour) and those on both tours will only receive one copy of the book. If you're interested in being on the Bookstagram Tour, please sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/hWqztKK5AUTeeWmA3.

Review copies in print (US only) and ebook (through NetGalley).

You must be a blogger to be on this tour and signing up does not guarantee you a spot. Your spot is confirmed when we send you the tour schedule.

Posts do not have to be top of the day, but we do appreciate when they are. :)


Britt Bradford and Zander Ford have been the best of friends since they met thirteen years ago. Unbeknown to Britt, Zander has been in love with her for just as long.

Independent and adventurous Britt channels her talent into creating chocolates at her hometown shop. Zander is a bestselling author who's spent the past 18 months traveling the world. He's achieved a great deal but still lacks the only thing that ever truly mattered to him--Britt's heart.

When Zander's uncle dies of mysterious causes, he returns to Merryweather, Washington, to investigate, and Britt is immediately there to help. Although this throws them into close proximity, both understand that an attempt at romance could jeopardize their once-in-a-lifetime friendship. But while Britt is determined to resist any change in their relationship, Zander finds it increasingly difficult to keep his feelings hidden.

As they work together to uncover his uncle's tangled past, will the truth of what lies between them also, finally, come to light?

Any questions? Contact Tressa at prismbooktours@gmail.com.

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